Our Awesome Sponsors

Marley New Zealand is a plastics manufacturing company, producing extruded and injection moulded uPVC and polyethylene products for the New Zealand rainwater, building, plumbing, civil and infrastructure, electrical, and rural markets.

Kea Kids Childcare Centres have been established in the heart of beautiful South Auckland with the purpose of promoting and supporting achievement of the tamariki within our local communities. Our name KEA originates from our native bird, which is tall in stature and is known for intelligence, curiosity and problem solving-attributes.

Solomon Group is a Māori Private Training Establishment (PTE), committed to helping people do just that. Our programmes are here to help you improve your reading and writing and to develop yourself and your skills. We also have a team to help you work out your next steps – whether that’s finding a job or continuing onto further training.

We are your Friendly Clothesline Professionals, offering you a wide range of clotheslines. Washing lines use solar and wind energy to dry your clothes. Not only are they an excellent option that is good for the environment, but they will also continue to save you money for many years.

The Wiri Licensing Trust is a community owned business based in South Auckland with business interests in commercial property and bars. The Trust looks to distribute a significant portion of its profits back to the local community through grants, donations and sponsorships.